Welcome DM

It's one of the most distinguished ways, as it sends a welcome message to your new followers.

Once you added your Instagram account to our system IG BURST,

Go to this module in the left menu, you will see these features:

🔷 Settings :

You can activate / deactivate status

and you can select the speed at which you will Welcome DM the new followers accounts

and select a Custom Attachment

You can also enable the following options:

✅ Skip already opened threads.

✅ Mute threads notifications.

✅ Pause actions every day.

✨ don't forget to change your status to active and click save

🔷 Messages :

You can write your message using these optional variables:

{{firstname}} Profile first name.

{{username}} Profile username.

{{full_name}} Profile full name.

If user's full name is not set, username will be used.

Enter Add message and click Save

🔷 Activity Log :

By clicking on Activity Log, it summarizes all activities and for you.

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